new song + Kaiju Radio interview

Listen to an interview + new song debut on this week’s Kaiju Radio | episode 9 [iTunes search: Kaiju Radio with Zero]. The interview begins after 28 minutes of amazing songs from Japan’s music underground. Warning: I’m a boring interviewee, haha. A very special thank you goes out to host Zero Blank for his patience and airtime!


The new song, Uchina noir, is a short instrumental demo experimenting with the sanshin [Okinawan banjo/lute] and electronic soundscapes. I’ve heard many traditional Ryukyuan/Uchinanchu songs where the main tone is uplifting and optimistic, but then there’s this subtle sense of sorrow or longing in the melody. With Uchina noir, I wanted to capture and emphasize those light/dark layers in a way that not only provokes an emotional response, but that also provokes imagery — a movie in the listener’s head.

My favorite independent band, sayaconcept, has done fantastic work with their own traditional/electronic hybrid style, so major props go out to Mina and Daii for the great music and for the inspiration! This is my first serious attempt at working with this hybrid style, but it’s definitely a sample of what’s to come…

A “set your own price” download[*] of Uchina noir is available via Bandcamp, so please check it out when you get a chance!

Nifwee deebiru [thank you]!

Uchina noir

[*] To download it for free, just type in $0.00 when it asks you to name your price


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