Skin Deep: Music from the Short Film

This is an original score (plus some demos) composed for the short film, Skin Deep, which was written and directed by my best friend Erasmo P. Romero III. This was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had while creating music – a true collaborative effort (see also: how two film school students spend their Friday nights). What we came up with was a bastardized version of baroque music infused with Erasmo’s unique brand of dark humor. On a side note, you can totally hear the click-track in every single one of these crappy recordings…

This is a name-your-price digital album from Bandcamp, so please click here download it for free (enter $0.00 when they ask for your price) or please donate what you can! Those who download the full digital album will also receive a PDF with the CD artwork (front cover, inside cover, jewel case insert, and disc face).


“Joseph Y. Kamiya’s music for ‘Skin Deep’ not only sets the mood, it parallels the story, supporting its every emotional shift. Alternatingly stodgy, dark, sinister, playful, melodramatic, poignant to the point of bathos, and creepily humorous. Kamiya wins Best Music Soundtrack.” – Thomas M. Sipos, founder of the Tabloid Witch Awards [October 2007] 

“The film had a very specific direction with music, creepy and playful. Joseph used his magic to conjure the most beautiful scores, which won him the ‘Best Music Soundtrack’ award at the Tabloid Witch Awards. Joseph made each and every moment in the short memorable. I feel that Joseph’s musical contribution to the film and as a stand alone score is nothing less than superb!” – Erasmo P. Romero III, writer/director of “Skin Deep” [April 2012] 


Short Film Synopsis: 
Jonathan Swift has always wanted a family, however he was unsuccessful with his wife Amanda. Jonathan takes matters into his own hands and makes one out of the bodies of others. 

Please watch the full 9-minute horror-comedy here (NSFW): 

* Best Comedic Horror (Tabloid Witch Awards 2007) 
* Best Actor (Tabloid Witch Awards 2007) 
* Best Soundtrack (Tabloid Witch Awards 2007)


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